What is the CMG Recoil Reaper?

An effective silencer combined with the recoil reduction of a muzzle brake.

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The CMG Recoil Reaper

The conception of the CMG Recoil Reaper Silencer came about with the culmination of two well tried and tested pieces of equipment that have been used on center fire rifles for many years now. None of this technology is new in any way, but the way in which we combined the two pieces of equipment is what makes the CMG Recoil Reaper Silencer  new and unique.

A muzzle brake is probably the most effective way to counter the recoil generated by modern high-power hunting rifles. The CMG Recoil Reaper, fitted to a hunting rifle will reduce felt recoil by up to 65% and lessen noise to such an extent that no hearing protection is required (apart from the Competition model). The CMG Recoil Reaper Silencer is available for standard and magnum caliber rifles and made in South Africa.



The CMG Recoil Reaper Silencer offers shooters the ultimate combination of an effective silencer and a muzzle brake, with felt recoil-reduction of up to 65% on both standard and magnum caliber hunting rifles in South Africa.


The external surfaces are finished in a durable high quality powder-coat finish. The standard and most popular color is a fine textured matte black. Other color options are available on request, contact us for more information and prices.


The purpose of the mirage sock is to shield the silencer from radiating heat that is seen as mirage through the rifle scope. It is made of double sided material covered neoprene. It reduces visable mirage by an estimated 80%.

Why Choose Us

Why Choose The CMG Recoil Reaper Above The Competition?

The CMG Recoil Reaper rifle silencer is locally manufactured in South Africa. With a great product line up, you will be sure to find the perfect moderator for your specific needs. Whether it is hunting, competition shooting or target shooting, the CMG Recoil Reaper boasts up to 65% less perceived recoil depending on your rifle/calibre combination and noise reduction to comfartable levels for use without ear protection.


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8 Port Muzzle Brake

All CMG models have a 8 Port Muzzle Brake excluding the competition model

Mirage Sock

Prevents 80% of mirage caused by the heat from the silencer


Very durable fine textured matte black powder-coating


All metric fine thread sizes available as well as most popular imperial thread sizes.
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What People Are Saying

I am very please with the CMG Recoil Reaper silencer on my .308 hunting rifle, it makes a huge difference and my groupings are great. I would even buy one for my 4 year-old son!

- Schalk Visagie

Thanks so much Martel, best investment for my .416 Weatherby Magnum. It went from a very stout recoil rifle to a fun shooting rifle. Same with the .300 Weatherby Mag. Thanks for all the great advise and a very strong silencer, an excellent product.

- Robbie Eksteen

My friends didn’t believe that video of me shooting 930m so we walked onto the stoep and they pointed out 2 anthills, the 1 was 530m and the other 750m…with the 300 in the wind both hit first shot in the center. I was really impressed with it…after putting that can on I have fallen in love with the rifle again.

- Steven Hogg

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