Recoil Reaper Competition

CMG Recoil Reaper Competition

The CMG Recoil Reaper Competition Can is meant for competition shooters who want all the advantages of a muzzle brake without the accompanying violent muzzle blast of a muzzle brake fitted directly to the barrel. Being short and light, it also does not add the extra weight and length of a standard silencer to the long, heavy profile competition barrels. The short body of the Competition Can also produce much less mirage when quick successive shots are fired as is done in competitions.

Indexing of 6 port brake
Already threaded barrels:
First determine the orientation of the ports when the CC is securely tightened onto the barrel. Calculate the amount of material to be removed for it to tighten up correctly orientated. The thread on the muzzle brake is 1mm pitch, meaning 0.5mm material removed equals one half turn.
On the competition model the muzzle brake is factory fitted so that it can be easliy unscrewed by inserting a 10mm rod through two of the opposing ports. Turn it counter clockwise untill it is completely removed from the silencer. The machinist/gunsmith must now carefully dial indicate the muzzle brake in the lathe on the hole through which the bullet travels during use.
Once properly indicated, carefully remove the required amount of material and refit the muzzle brake. Snug it up tight using the 10mm torque rod and tap lightly to ensure it will not loosen during use.

Unthreaded barrels:
When the barrel thread has been cut so that the CC screws on easily without any tight spots, fully tighten it onto the barrel and calculate the amount of material that needs to be removed so that the solid section of the muzzle brake will be pointing straight down when tightened. Use the pitch of the thread that is being cut on the barrel to do the calcualtion. The shoulder on the barrel should now be machined back by that amount while still properly dial indicated in the lathe.
Please check and fully tighten the muzzle brake on you CC if it was not removed for indexing.

Length of Main Body (mm)

Length with Muzzle Brake included (mm)

Weight (grams)

Diameter (mm)

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