Recoil Reaper Magnum Ultra

CMG Recoil Reaper Magnum Ultra

The Ultra Mag is the premium Magnum model in our line up and is specifically designed to withstand the extremely high pressure generated by the large powder charges used in Magnum calibers.
Excellent recoil reduction and surprisingly quiet for its size, it is a lightweight and very effective Magnum calibre rated silencer.
The all steel construction (like all Recoil Reaper models) makes it an extremely strong silencer able to handle virtually any Magnum calibre.

The Recoil Reaper Ultra Mag will transform any vicious recoiling magnum rifle into a very pleasant to shoot rifle, with much less recoil and a much reduced recoil impulse.

On our Magnum test rifle, (a Tikka T3 with a ligthweight synthetic stock) shooting 185gr bullets at close to 3000 ft/sec, “perceived” recoil reduction seems in the order of seventy percent.

Length of Main Body (mm)

Length with Muzzle Brake included (mm)

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