Mirage Socks

Any suppressor that functions correctly, heats up during use. That is exactly what it is intended to do – capture and contain the gas for as long as possible. This allows the gas to cool down and become less (volume wise) before being released into the atmosphere.

The suppressor absorbs a large amount of the heat generated by the superheated high velocity gas.

The role of the mirage socks is to shield the suppressor and keep it from radiating the heat, seen as mirage through the riflescope. It also provides the suppressor with a non-glare finish.

It is made of double sided material covered 3mm neoprene – a similar material to that which wetsuits are made of.

Seams are glued and then double stitched for extreme durability.

When buying a CMG Recoil Reaper rifle silencer, you get a complimentary mirage sock included.

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