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More information about the advantages of the CMG Recoil Reaper Rifle Silencer in South Africa

What is a muzzle brake?

A muzzle brake is probably the most effective way to counter the recoil generated by high-power rifles. The downside of muzzle brakes is the accompanying muzzle blast that is directed sideways and backwards towards bystanders and the shooter himself, and it is felt as a high impulse shock-wave.

Another negative is the extremely uncomfortable noise levels. Medical research has shown that two sets of ear protectors are needed to sufficiently protect one’s hearing from the accompanying noise. Anything less normally results in hearing damage, which is also permanent.

What is the difference between a silencer and a moderator?

Silencers (correctly termed “moderators” as no rifle can be fully silenced due to the projectile exceeding the speed of sound) were designed to reduce the noise made by the superheated gasses escaping at supersonic speed from the muzzle of the rifle. Inside the moderator the gas is cooled and slown down before being allowed to escape into the atmosphere. Moderators also reduce recoil, but normally less than half the amount of a well designed muzzle brake.

The challenge for us was to design a device that could easily be attached and removed from any center-fire rifle without the need for tools and also for it to be as effective as a muzzle brake in terms of recoil reduction. The second and most challenging part was that it should be quiet enough to use without hearing protection.

After months of testing and altering of components, the CMG Recoil Reaper finally met and even exceeded our test criteria. It was as quiet as most silencers, easily attached and removed without any special tools and it reduced recoil as effectively as muzzle brakes.


The advantages of the CMG Recoil Reaper quickly became apparent during it’s testing phases.

A rifle quiet enough to be fired comfortably without hearing protection.
A light enough device to not make the weapon cumbersome and awkward to handle.
The dramatic decrease in recoil also allows for more accurately placed shots and should it be needed, quicker follow up shots in the field.
Different users of the same rifle (e.g. father and son sharing a rifle on a hunt) shoot to much closer points of impact (often well within an inch or less). The greatly reduced recoil makes the rifle very forgiving as far as slight differences in hold and shooting technique is concerned.
Recoil reduction to the same extent as a muzzle brake.
With good follow through on shots it is common to see the bullet hit the target.
A lot of rifles have shown a surprising increase in accuracy with both hand loaded and factory ammunition.
Competition shooters using the CMG Recoil Reaper also reported that they are much quicker back on target than previously, simply because their shooting position was little changed due to the low recoil levels. Shooters also experience less fatigue due to the much lower recoil energy.


The beautiful design of the CMG Recoil Reaper sets itself apart from it’s competitors.


Although the CMG Recoil Reaper is surprisingly light, it is entirely made of high-grade steel. This is to ensure long service life without the risk of component failure as is commonly seen with aluminium moderators.

The main body is machined from a single piece of seamless material to ensure the ultimate strength to weight ratio. The external muzzle brake is constructed of high-grade aluminium to further cut down on weight without compromising quality. Being outside the moderator, aluminium proved to be more than adequate.

Surface Finish

The external surfaces are finished in a durable high quality powder-coat finish. The standard and most popular color and finish is a fine textured matte black. Other color options are available on request.

The aluminium muzzle brake portion of the CMG Recoil Reaper also comes in the black powder-coated finish as standard, but some shooters prefer it in the original aluminium finish. Whatever finish you desire, just tick the relevant box on the orders page.




The CMG Recoil Reaper Competition Can is meant for competition shooters who want all the advantages of a muzzle brake without the accompanying violent muzzle blast of a muzzle brake fitted directly to the barrel.

R2900 excl. vat
R3335 incl. vat
Free Mirage Sock


The CMG Recoil Reaper Mini Silencer is meant for users requiring a short, compact silencer with moderate noise reduction and excellent recoil reduction.

R2900.00 excl. vat
R3335 incl vat
Free Mirage Sock


The CMG Recoil Reaper Harvester was specifically developed for the dedicated/professional jackal hunter and culling operators.

R3160 excl. vat
R3634 incl. vat
Free Mirage Sock


The CMG Recoil Reaper Hunter is very popular and it is suitable for all standard caliber rifles (i.e non Magnum Calibres) used for hunting and everyday shooting

R2950.00 excl. vat
R3392.50 incl. vat
Free Mirage Sock

Magnum Ultra

The Magnum Ultra is the premium Magnum model in our line up and is specifically designed to withstand the extremely high pressure generated by the large powder charges used in Magnum calibers.

R3160 excl. vat
R3634 incl. vat
Free Mirage Sock

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