Recoil Reaper Hunter Magnum

CMG Recoil Reaper Hunter Magnmum

This is the magnum version of the standard Recoil Reaper and meant for calibres with large powder charges – a good rule of thumb to know if this is the right model for your rifle is if your loads consist of 60 grains or more powder. It being of longer length than the Standard model, it provides the additional volume required for the larger powder charges to effectively slow and cool the gasses down before releasing it into the atmosphere.

It is still surprisingly light in weight considering the effectiveness and powder charges that it can handle. The largest calibre in terms of charge weight currently utilizing a Magnum Recoil Reaper has a powder charge of 120 grains and the owner says it is extremely effective.

Length of Main Body (mm)

Length with Muzzle Brake included (mm)

Weight (grams)

Diameter (mm)

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