CMG Recoil Reaper Muzzle Brake Conversion Kit

Installing the Muzzle Brake Conversion Kit will turn your CMG Recoil Reaper into an SA Hunters and Conservation Association compliant device for their shooting events.



The tool is made of a stainless steel body and is sandblasted to get a nice matte finish.

Remove Muzzle Brake

Remove your silencer from the rifle and remove the mirage sock from the silencer to ensure a good grip. Using the included tool, fully insert the smooth end of the tool through any set of the muzzle brake ports. Make sure you have the direction in which you need to turn it to unscrew the muzzle brake correct. First time removal might be quite hard, so firmly tap the other end of the tool against a wooden table top or use a wooden mallet or nylon faced hammer to tap and shock the muzzle brake loose.


After removal of the muzzle brake clean thread properly and install the brake thread protector plug. 

Insert Tool Into Plug

Insert the studded end of the tool into the two holes of the plug securely.

Thread Into Silencer

Tighten the plug firmly to the silencer. Tap two or three times against a wooden table top to firmly secure it before use.

Recheck after 2 or 3 shots.



After the event reverse the order above and replace the brake plug with the muzzle brake. Recheck muzzle brake for tightness after 2 or 3 shots. 

Make a note of point of impact differences between the two configurations and keep for future use. That will make zeroing your rifle easy and painless.


Ready to fit a silencer?

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